Chilling Tales of Thunder Bay: The Comic



That’s right! After numerous homage horror covers with tongue firmly in cheek, The Chilling Tales of Thunder Bay:The Comic is here! A 28 page horror and comedy bouillabaisse that pokes fun at my hometown with a foot planted firmly in horror comics! Death dealing drivers! Camp Crystal Lake (ok it’s just a joke about Crystal beer)! Tbay online terror! Persian Cults!  And lots more! With special appearances by Paul Shaffer and the past 9 mayors of Tbay (and they may or may not be in zombie form. I will confirm nothing!). Plus all my previous Chilling tales homage covers, 2 brand spankin’ new goofball comic book ads AND 5 pages of classic Zygote Bop (the first time in print since appearing in the Walleye so many moons ago!) This is the first of a line of ‘Merk Quick & Dirty Comics’.   Get them before they’re gone! Full colour covers and 28 pages of chilling black & white interiors!

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