Season of the Dead Hours Graphic Novel




Sorcerors, long banished to a neverending battle in a purgatory realm, the Ribbi Vaaish, find themselves mysteriously returned to our world with four days before they must return to their banishment. Follow Sitchenn, as he enlists a young boy, Fionn, to aid him as they cross the Irish countryside in search of an ancient talisman that could mean the difference between life and eternal slavery. Fionn’s eyes are opened to a long hidden world, dragons and forgotten creatures, as they journey the deadly, nebulous waters of magic towards one final battle with Sitchenn’s mortal enemy, the Druid brothers, the Janus Magus.
But in a world of magic, not all is what it seems.
112 pages. Black & White. Digest size. Words & Art by Merk.


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